Is a furnace inspection really useful?

Sep 13, 2017
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Is a furnace inspection really useful?

by Kim

Think of an annual furnace tuneup like you would a physical with your doctor. Like a physical, a tuneup’s a smart way to make sure everything’s in working order so you don’t get blindsided when a part goes bad, which can cost you a lot of money.

But unlike a physical, with a furnace tuneup, you never have to leave your home since the technician comes right to your door.

Still not convinced? Check out these other benefits you get with an inspection. Then, schedule one today.

Go with proper airflow

Your technician should check to make sure your heating system’s getting the right airflow. If the air’s not blowing right, it puts extra strain on your furnace. And that can shorten the lifespan of your furnace or lead to more repairs.

Keep more coins in your pocket

A tuneup should include a cleaning to keep your furnace running efficiently, which saves you money. But that’s not all; your technician should also be able to handle small problems before they turn into major fixes. And that can save you time and headache.

Get convenient peace of mind

It’s more convenient to schedule a tuneup now, which you can work into your own schedule, than it is to accommodate an unexpected repair later — like in the middle of the night during a brutal January cold snap.

Stay safe

The combustion process that allows your furnace to heat your home needs to be precise so that your unit operates safely and efficiently. A small glitch in that process can mean deadly carbon monoxide levels.

Warm up your warranty

If your furnace is under warranty, you might have to get a tuneup. A lot of manufacturers will void the warranty if your equipment’s not maintained.

Don’t wait; schedule today

Now’s a great time to schedule a tuneup. Don’t wait until the really cold weather rolls in before making sure your furnace is operating efficiently and safely. Schedule today!

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October 24, 2017
how much does it cost for furnace inspection and maintenance?

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