A/C Inspection Level: Expert

May 16, 2018
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A/C Inspection Level: Expert

by Kim

How a professional tune-up can keep your home and pocketbook happy

When it comes to spring cleaning, there are some tasks where I’m an expert. I can organize a coat closet in my sleep and navigate whatever is growing under my kids’ beds with ease. I even get a little pleasure out of the way my floors shine and windows gleam after a good spring cleaning session.

But there are other parts of my cleaning checklist where it can be a little more difficult to know where to start. Preparing the air conditioner for summer is one.

Here’s what an expert level A/C tune-up will do for you – and it’s a lot more than just cleaning the unit.

It will save you money and energy

A clean unit can operate at peak performance and be much more energy efficient.

It might extend the life of your unit

Technicians will check the blower motor and lubricate the motor bearings.

It catches things before they get really bad

You wouldn’t drive your car with a warning light on. Unfortunately, your A/C doesn’t come with a dashboard. Technicians act as your personal warning light and can detect minor problems before they turn into major, more costly, repairs. If a needed repair is caught early, you may be able to avoid other repairs that are bound to happen if the issue goes unnoticed. As a bonus, catching these now will help make sure your air conditioner is cranking out the cold air when you really want it on hot days, and isn't down for repairs.

It can help avoid basement flooding and mold buildup

Technicians will check the condensate drains for leaks and clear any drain line restrictions.

It helps get you to expert level

Having a technician on site to evaluate your system, provide maintenance advice and answer your questions will help you earn your own expert badge. Not sure how to operate your thermostat or how close you should plant shrubbery next to your condenser? An expert tech can answer your questions. They can also help you determine the remaining life of your unit so you can start preparing a plan for replacement before you need a new unit. Call one of Service Guard's expert techs today at 800-504-2000 to set up a time for them to thoroughly inspect your air conditioner.*

I’ll sleep better tonight with the peace of mind that my A/C is in expert hands. Now next on my list: cleaning the fridge and figuring out what’s been hiding in this Tupperware since November. Unfortunately, I’m all too much of an expert at that.

*Service Guard services vary by location, and A/C inspections may not be offered everywhere.

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January 29, 2019
hard to find when I should get my ac inspected start in April/May to schedule an appointment.
February 27, 2019
Dianna - Black Hills Energy:
We apologize for the delay in responding to you. In order to complete an AC inspection, the outside temperature has to exceed 70 degrees F. It is easier to schedule the inspection in the afternoon. If you have further questions, please contact us at (888) 890-5554. Thank you for using Black Hills Energy.

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