Is your house ready for hygge?

Oct 10, 2018
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Is your house ready for hygge?

by Sarah

Denmark is cold. And dark. Yet its citizens consistently rank as some of the happiest people in the world. Some attribute that to the Danish tradition of hygge. There’s no direct translation for hygge (pronounced hig-yeh), but it generally means coziness, or the feeling of a warm hug.

As we stare down some of the coldest months of winter, embrace a little hygge in your own home. Just make sure to do it the energy efficient way. Here are a few hygge traditions, and the most energy efficient way to do them.

Bubble bath

Ready for a warm, relaxing soak? Go for it. The Danes would definitely approve. And if you’re in the market for a new water heater, make sure to check these tips out first. The Department of Energy breaks down everything you need to know about which water heater to choose based on fuel type, size, energy efficiency and cost. You may also want to opt for a tankless, gas water heater. Not only will it heat your water quicker than an electric one, but it will also cost you less to operate.

Mulled CIDER

Mulled cider is a snowy season staple. Here’s a recipe. And while all that goodness is simmering, make sure to use energy efficient kitchen techniques. Use a burner that fits your pot, and a pot with a flat bottom to make sure no heat is escaping through the cracks. The bonus is if you have a gas stovetop, which can warm up that cider more quickly than an electric one. Because when you’re ready for mulled cider, every minute counts.

Soft blankets

If you really want to be cozy, you need to wrap up in a big, soft blanket. But when you inevitably spill cider all over it, make sure you save a little energy when you try to wash out that stain. Wash it in cold water, and maybe even consider laying it out to dry. Perhaps next to the fire. But not too close. In fact, maybe hold off on any chores until the cider is gone. Check out these tips for energy efficient laundry.


Hygge is traditionally celebrated around a warm fire. Here are some tips to make sure your fireplace isn't leaking any of that warmth. And here are some good tips to keep your furnace functioning and your home heated as efficiently as possible. It’s also a good idea to make sure your furnace is ready for those cozy nights. Scheduling a tuneup will help get you in a hygge mood with the peace of mind that your furnace is ready for the cold months ahead.  

Happy hygge!