Are your appliances ready for the holidays?

Nov 06, 2018
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Are your appliances ready for the holidays?

by Sarah

Many of our fondest holiday memories are made while sharing a meal, making a favorite family recipe or catching up with a loved one over of a warm mug of hot chocolate. Here are a few simple steps to make sure your appliances are ready to work overtime during the holiday season.

Clean out the fridge

One of my favorite parts of a good holiday meal is the leftovers. But all that Tupperware can take up a lot of room. Clean out your fridge now so you’ll have plenty of space for leftover mashed potatoes and turkey. Bonus: full fridges run more efficiently since there’s less air to circulate and keep cold.

Check the coils

After you’ve wiped out whatever was growing in the back corner of your produce drawer, take a minute to clean your refrigerator coils. This should be done every four to five months, but we won’t tell if you haven’t thought about it since last Christmas. Better late than never.

Replace the water filter

Most refrigerator water dispensers need a new filter every six months or so. If you notice a funny taste in your water or a decrease in water flow, it’s probably time for a new filter.

Disinfect the kitchen sink

According to multiple health experts, there is more E. coli and other bacteria in your kitchen sink than in your toilet. Take the time to clean it with either one part rubbing alcohol to one part water or with bleach and water.

Self-clean the oven

Your oven will be working overtime during the holidays so make sure it’s clean and ready to go.

Eyeball the hoses on your washer

With all the added hustle and bustle and guests, now is not the time for a burst hose and a flooded home. It only takes a couple minutes to check your washing machine hoses for potential leaks.

clean the filter on your dishwasher

The holidays mean lots of dirty dishes, so get your dishwasher ready for the increase in loads by thoroughly cleaning the filter ahead of time.

Plan for the worst

Whether the oven stops working just as the pie goes in or the furnace stops working just as the snow begins to fall, our technicians are ready to help at a moment’s notice. This year, relax and enjoy your holiday season with peace-of-mind coverage from Service Guard. Sign up today.

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