Don’t let an overheating oven give you range rage

A SERVICE GUARD PLAN WITH RANGE COVERAGE CAN protect you from big, unexpected expenses.

Of course, your oven decides to stop working right before you need to cook the Thanksgiving turkey.

Don’t worry: Your local appliance repair technicians from Service Guard, a division of Black Hills Energy, have the training and expertise to repair your range.

With a Service Guard appliance repair plan, you’re eligible for priority scheduling of range repairs on major holidays — including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If one of our peace-of-mind repair plans isn’t right for you, we still provide guaranteed repairs at a competitive rate. Drop by our repair service page for more information.

Plus, a Service Guard plan with range coverage can protect you from big, unexpected expenses. Check out our plans to see which offer range coverage. We also offer inspections and repairs at a competitive rate in available areas. 

Call 800-504-2000 today to schedule your repair.