Don’t let winter’s cold winds freeze your furnace

When the cold and snowy days of winter arrive, Service Guard provides valuable peace of mind. We fix appliances. In most cases, that includes furnaces.

Our local technicians from Service Guard, a division of Black Hills Energy, are certified to fix furnaces — gas and electric — in most regions we serve. Use our ZIP Code search to see what’s available where you live. We also offer 24-hour no-heat emergency service in most locations.

An annual furnace inspection is an important step toward preventing a costly breakdown. It’s a good idea to schedule your inspection in August or September before the busy season arrives.

Some of our appliance repair plans include an annual inspection. If an appliance repair plan isn’t right for you, we can repair your furnace at a competitive rate in available areas.

Call 800-504-2000 today to schedule your repair.

What's covered in an inspection?