Want to avoid a costly dryer repair? Here are a few simple tips for maintaining your dryer:

  • Make sure the lint trap is clear before and after every load
  • Clean dust and lint from around your dryer routinely
  • Do not store laundry products on top of your dryer; it can damage the finish and controls

My dryer:

Will not run

  • Check the power supply (cord, breaker, fuse).
  • If the motor is humming, check to make sure the door is latched properly.

Tumbles, but there is no heat

Check to make sure dryer is not on the “fluff” setting.

Makes a lot of noise and vibrates

  • Make sure the dryer is level.
  • Check to make sure there are no objects in the drum, i.e. coins, buttons, nails, etc.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions in the felt seals at the front or rear of tumbler.

Does not dry my clothes or takes too long to dry

  • Check that the vent system is clear.
  • Check the size of your load to make sure you are not overloading the dryer.

Timer will not advance or shut off

If you are running an automatic cycle, try running a time cycle. If the timer advances with a timed cycle, the dryer most likely has a vent system problem; be sure that the vent is clear. If it does not advance with a timed cycle, schedule a service call, as the timer most likely needs to be replaced.

My dryer has a natural gas or propane smell.

Leave the house immediately and call 911 from cell phone or neighbor’s home.