Water Heater

Want to avoid a costly water heater repair and save money on your energy bill? Here are a few simple tips for maintaining your water heater:

  • Keep area around your water heater clear of combustible products
  • Keep air intakes free of lint, dust and dirt by vacuuming on a regular basis
  • Check operation of temperature/pressure relief and drain valve annually

My water heater:

has no water

Check the power supply (cord, fuse, breaker, etc.).

does not have enough hot water

  • Check the control settings
  • Check the sediment level in the tank. The tank may need to be flushed.
  • The tank may be undersized for its usage

The water heater is leaking water

  • If water is leaking near the heating element gasket, you may need to have this replaced.
  • Check the value/faucet to make sure it is tight.