Service Guard Comfort Plan

The Comfort Plan covers these appliances for $23.99/month:

  • A/C (electric)
  • Furnace (propane, natural gas, electric or natural gas boiler)
  • Range (propane, natural gas or electric)
  • Water heater (propane, natural gas, electric or natural gas tankless)


Additional Appliance Pricing

You can add additional appliances to your Comfort Plan, or you can choose a la carte appliance protection.

  Add-on OR A LA CARTE PRICE Comfort Plan $23.99
A/C $9.50 Included
Fireplace $3.00  
Furnace $8.50 Included
Range $3.00 Included
Water heater $6.00 Included
Annual furnace or A/C inspection $8.00  

More information

If you have questions about the Comfort Plan, call 888-890-5554. 

Protect your budget

Protect your budget from costly repairs for only $23.99/month.


View the terms and conditions of the Comfort Plan.