Add an Appliance

Add an extra appliance for just a few bucks a month

Service Guard protection plans are specifically designed to suit you. But what if you happen to have more than one of a covered appliance? Well, we thought of that too. You can add an additional appliance to your plan if your plan already includes that appliance.

*Pricing for replacement plan add-ons may vary. Call or e-mail for more information.

Additional Appliance Monthly Add-on Price
Air conditioner $7.50
Air conditioner (window) $7.50
A/C inspection $6.95
Clothes dryer $6.50
Clothes washer $6.50
Dishwasher $6.50
Freezer* $4.95
Furnace $7.50
Furnace inspection $6.95
Range $4.95
Heat pump inspection $6.95
Heat pump $7.50
Refrigerator* $4.95
Space heater repair $4.95
Water heater $4.95

*Due to possible ambient temperature extremes, we cannot cover freezers and refrigerators in garages that are not climate controlled.

Ready to add on to your current Service Guard plan?

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